Cara is a well-established professional in the cannabis industry who began her journey in 2009 as a community leader and activist in Massachusetts. She co-founded a chapter of Emerson College Students for Sensible Drug Policy and worked with several other SSDP Chapter Leaders across New England. During her college years, she also co-hosted the Boston Pot Report on UNregularRadio.com coordinating guests, interviews, sponsors, and partnerships with a small team.

Cara started a Boston chapter of the NORML Women's Alliance and held various leadership positions, including Volunteer Coordinator, Speaker Coordinator, and President, at the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann NORML). In 2014, she became the Head Administrator for Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, where she managed all aspects of the startup cannabis vocational training school. During her tenure, she established a financially stable educational program and founded a women-based charitable group called LEAF.

In 2016, Cara challenged the policy of testing newborns for cannabis metabolites at The Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). She argued that the policy discriminated against her and other mothers who used medical cannabis, unless the hospital could prove otherwise. Cara's efforts resulted in a change of policy, and the hospital no longer tests newborns for cannabis.

In 2017, Cara co-founded ELEVATE Northeast, a non-profit organization that promotes an inclusive and diverse cannabis industry through education, networking, and events. She is also managing a scholarship fund that awards $10,000 annually for cannabis workforce training and career development programs. Cara serves as the lead instructor for various cannabis education programs and is the program developer for the Holyoke Community College Cannabis Training Program.

In 2018, Cara joined EVIO Labs, Inc. and worked on an Independent Testing Lab application and ISO17025-2017 Certification support in Massachusetts. She launched Boston Cannabis Week's Education Day as the Director of Education, where she coordinates educational efforts and other cannabis events.

Since 2020, Cara has been focused on client-based work and has officially launched her own consulting firm, CCB Consulting LLC. She is now available to work with You!