Career Synopsis

Cara began a career in cannabis in Massachusetts in 2009 as a community leader and activist, her first role being a chapter co-founder and Board Member of Emerson College Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She then went on to coordinate regionally with several other SSDP Chapter Leaders throughout New England. While in college she also took on the role of Co-Host of the Boston Pot Report on UNregularRadio.com for nearly two years and remained a regular contributor for the duration of the program. 

Started a Boston chapter of the NORML Women’s Alliance and served in executive leadership. She joined the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, the State Affiliate of NORML (MassCann NORML) in 2010 and remained on the board until 2016. She held positions as Volunteer Coordinator, managing as many as 248 volunteer hours throughout a single 2-day event; Speaker Coordinator, managing all speakers and VIP guests to the Boston Freedom Rally; raised thousands of dollars through grassroots donation collection; and held the position of President in the year 2015. 

In 2014 she became the Head Administrator for a startup cannabis school; Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, in Natick MA. She led all day-to-day activities, student life, faculty schedules, promotions and special events, charitable activities, marketing, banking, and profit and loss sheets. Created a financially stable cannabis educational program while the industry was just launching. While running the school she used the developing network to create LEAF, a women based charitable group and hosted drives for goods and support for other family-based organizations. 

In 2016, Cara took on Partners Health and argued that mother’s to be should not be tested for cannabis and that their newborns should also not be tested for cannabis while pregnant with her son. Cara argued with The Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) that her medical cannabis use was no danger to her fetus and unless they could prove otherwise, she was being discriminated against by the hospital staff. At the BWH it had been policy to test all newborn babies first BM for cannabis from any mother who was known to have used at any point throughout their pregnancy, patient or not. This policy triggers an investigation from the hospital social worker, fear tactics from poorly educated doctors, and to file a form 51A, that would otherwise initiate an investigation from the Department of Children and Families. Cara’s perseverance forced the hospital to change its policy and no longer tests babies for cannabis, for any reason.

In 2017 she became a Co-Founder and Director of Education of ELEVATE Northeast, a 501C3 non-profit, women-founded cannabis organization that exists to support the cannabis industry through education, networking and events to create an inclusive and eclectic cannabis industry. Cara is also managing a scholarship fund aiming to place $50,000 in scholarship annually for cannabis workforce training and cannabis career development programs. She is the lead instructor for the Cannabis Core Training Program at Holyoke Community College and the Cannabis Education Center, she wrote and regularly instructs the classes. She works closely with the program directors to support all the students and faculty. She is the program developer for the Holyoke Community College Cannabis Training Program, the Cannabis Education Center. With HCC she has written a Core educational program that expands into 4 focused educational tracks including retail, processing, culinary, and cultivation with the brilliance of the HCC faculty.

In 2018 she accepted a position with EVIO Labs, Inc. and spent almost 2 years working on the Independent Testing Lab application in Massachusetts, ISO-2017 Certification support, and relocating the lab within the most desirable zoning requirements. Then, in early 2019 Cara joined Boston Cannabis Week (BCW) as the Director of Education and continues to coordinated the educational efforts, as well as additional cannabis education events for BCW throughout the year. 

Since 2020, Cara has primarily focused on client-based work and just now made it official with CCB Consulting LLC. Now she is looking forward to working with you!